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Memorium Wall

'Death Leaves A Heartache No One Can Heal, Love Leaves A Memory No One Can Steal'

NOTE: Although A Great Majority Of Persons Named Here Died Of Complications Of AIDS,
Others Died From Other Illnesses, Natural Causes,
Suicide, Gay Hate Crimes & Other Murders,
Accidents, And Other Causes.

This list was originally compiled in parts beginning in 1976 by the staff members of the Tucson Gay Newsletter publication, then later by the Arizona Gay News publication, the Newpaper publication, the Attitude publication, and the Observer publication from obituary notices, attending funerals, from Pact For Life, Tucson AIDS Project, the Tucson Chapter of the Shanti Foundation, TIHAN, their friends, local police and law enforcement agencies, death certificates, various other newspaper publications obituaries, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, and their many other local sources.
At times those lists appeared in their publications yearly Memorial Day Editions until the publication ceased, or it was no longer sustainable for space, financial, and or printing costs reasons for those publications to continue doing so. The exhibit may not be a complete list by any means being only the names from those long since ceased publications original lists.
The Memorium Wall Exhibit experienced here remains the only remaining
compiled listing of names from those publications original lists
as a testament and memorial that survives from those years.
The exhibit is shared here in the spirit of honoring
their memory and their many contributions
including at times their personal sacrifices
made to make their community
and the world a better place then
and for future generations.

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Tucson Gay LGBTQ Museum And Library - Memorium Wall

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