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Tucson Gay MuseumŽ© Exhibits:

The Museum is the culmination of a Tucson effort started in the Summer Of 1967 by a group of pre-teen and teen school boys from a local neighborhood still blessed with its dirt streets as they experienced growing up in the often anything goes atmosphere of Free Sex in the 1960's and early 1970's (see article) within their own peer group while at the same time being surrounded by the often very ultra conservative world of most of their parents, relatives, teachers, other adults, along with the events they encountered or were hearing about every day (see video) (see video).

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The Virtual Museum WILL FULLY IMMERSE YOU into the Respective Time Period's Of LGBT History Below, and consists of thousands of text, photographic images, home movies, videos, audio and or visual recordings, publications, manuscripts, memorabilia, government documents and recordings, reports, and other exhibits from their respective time periods. In some cases an exhibit may be as closely associated with those time periods-subjects, or explaining those time periods-subjects until other exhibits can be processed or otherwise become available to replace or be included with them.

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Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1700's Before One survived by their wits, made their way through the hardships, and found some fun comfort in often unusual places
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1800's Goverment's and people came went, life could be short, the desert was harsh, but there were fun diversions if one just knew where to look
1910 Showers for horses working on the streets

1900's 1910's Phones, electricity, and automobiles mixing with the horses out in the streets, how modern it all was, then the world went to war and everything changed
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1920's 1930's The sky was the limit, the music started you dancing you could not stop, but the ride ended suddenly, hey buddy you got a dime
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1940's The world went to war again, everyone did their part, along the way we connected realizing there were many of us out there
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1950's WW 2 was over, it was time for some fun, but only if you did it their way....Another way was more fun if you were careful, but someone was often watching your every move
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1960's Breaking free, becoming the people our parents warned us about, and loving every minute of it
Tucson Gay Museum 1970's Exhibit

1970's Pushing out for equality, no longer accepting being held back, but at times the price could be high
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1980's The Gay Genie was out of the bottle and and the cork was gone, but suddenly something very wrong was happening
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

1990's Exploring, organizing, questioning, making great strides, and coping with AIDS/HIV
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

2000's Visit the 2000's, when so much was gained, but there was still so much farther to go
Tucson LGBT Museum Exhibit

2010's Step into the 2010's, a fast paced decade of technology

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This Museum is dedicated to all those of the Tucson Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer Community that have come before, are here now, and will take our places in the future of Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.