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 The Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum ®© expresses perpetual gratitude to those many organizations and individuals who have and those who continue to assist, advise, make available, provide services, provide interviews, donate collections, and or share articles, photo's, videos, memorabilia, archives, collections, artifacts, memorabilia, technology, and other items

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The Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum®© expresses its perpetual gratitude to the many organizations and individuals who have and or continue to assist, advise, make available, provide services, provide interviews, donate collections, and or share articles, photo's, videos, memorabilia, archives, collections, artifacts, memorabilia, technology, and other items.

Many heartfelt thanks to: United States Library of Congress, United States National Archives, United States Navy, The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation, United States Army, Smithsonian Museum, United States Marines, San Francisco GLBT Museum, United States Air Force, Getty Museum, the Harvey Milk Collection, Archivo Historico Nacional-Spain, Tucson Trust, Arizona Historical Society, Archivo General de la Nacion-Mexico, The New Paper, Arizona Pioneers Society, Tucson Historical Society, Seattle Gay News, Look Magazine, Wikipedia, Tucson LGBT+ Historical Society, Puerto Penasco Chamber of Commerce, State of Arizona Archives - Phoenix, Arizona Gay Newsletter, Pima County Library, Office Max, Pima County Law Library, Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce, Catholic Diocese of Tucson, Observer, The Observer, Clarion, Tombstone Epitaph, Vector, New York Times, National Weather Service, The Pride Of Arizona, Sunday's Childe Newsletter, National Women's History Museum, The Post, Office of the Surgeon General, Movietone News, Harvey Milk, Arizona State Museum, Old Pueblo Trust, Gibson's Office Supply, University of Arizona Library, Founders Circle Trust, Jonathan Marks Foundation, Tucson Shanti Foundation, Federal Bureau of Investigations, City of Tucson, I.A.T.S.E. Local 415M, Beth, Phoenix Gay Historical Society, William Gaines Foundation, Tucson LGBTQ+ Historical Society, Central Intelligence Agency, Old Tucson Studios, Jack Stockslager, Wingspan, University Of Arizona Law Library, Hohokam Indians of the Tucson Basin, Microsoft Corporation, Los Angeles Times, Tucson Gas & Electric Company Archives, Police Chief Magazine, Tucson Knight Owls, Tucson Water of Life Metropolitan Church, Public Broadcasting Service, Margo Leigh, San Xavier del Bac Mission Archives, Tucson Citizen, Kreiss Trust, Moose, Tucson Gay News, Arizona Cine, Center For Disease Control, Davis-Monthan Field Register, Ma Finley, American Broadcasting Corporation, Monte-Jon Gilmer, Flo, Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, Flo, City of Tucson Archives, Pima County Recorders Office, Bill Morrow, Speedway Studio, Tucson Histories & Mysteries, Daily Wildcat, Skeeter, The Loft Cinema, Evon Photography, Center For Desert Archaeology, Beacon Foundation, University of Arizona Special Collections, Gary Neil Clark, Tucson Gay Historical Society, Facebook, Peg Price, Andy Warhol Museum, Tucson Weekly, Candy, Ernie Perez, Columbia Broadcasting System, Cornerstone Church, National Archives and Records Administration, Tucson Aids Project, You Tube, Desert Magazine, Bookmans Tucson, Maurice Grossman, National Broadcasting Corporation, Fausto, The Walker Estate, Phoenix LGBT Museum, Arizona Daily Star, Wayne Blankenship, Old Pueblo Archeology, Evergreen Cemetery And Mortuary, Tucson LGBT Magazine, Sisters of Sonora, Tucson Gay News, Pima County Court System, Journal Of Arizona History, The Western Express, Desert Leathermen, Phoenix Levi-Leather Club, Happy Days, POZ Magazine, Life Magazine, Jerry Curl Memorial Foundation, Candi Trowbridge, Phoenix Gay Museum And Library, 1 In 10, EON Youth Group, Snap-It Photography & Video, Steve Risley, Partners, the Colorado Kid, Armory Park Historical Archives, Lance Penny, The Garcia Estate, Tucson Insiders, Puppet Muzik, Tony Bucci, Newsweek Magazine, William 'Bill' F. Finley, Terry Blue Productions Studios, Pueblo Studios, Rene, George Rederus, Robert "Bob" Ellis, So Fonda Cox, Big John Hasse, U.S. Census Bureau, Michael Bennett, Wall Street Journal, Vanna, Professor Douglas Nielson, Rage Monthly Magazine, Pima County Sheriffs Department, Steve Hall, Bella Azbug Library, Doc Hayes, Gertrude Stein Collection, Dr. Eleazar Garcia M.D., Stonewall National Museum & Archives, Jose Salcedo, Don Stewart, Les Elliot, Victor, James Gordon, Arizona Archeological and Historical Society, The Token Broad, Jack, Mendoza Trust, Beyond Video, Foothills Self Storage, Paul, State of Sonora Mexico, Margo Leigh, Romero Ruins Archives, Dennis Davis Memorial Foundation, Wild Billy D, Mamma Reyna, National Park Service, Fort Lowell Military Archives, Mayor Robert Miller, Mark D., Mendez Collection, Roberto, Out History, Marcy S., Office Max, The Directory, Larry C., Hoover Library, Ray Red Spider, Ernie Freuler, Oscar Jimenez, Ricky B., Mr. Cool, Stan 'Stan The Man' Phalp, Mandy Bartow, Kevin R., OUTWEST TV Show Tucson, Carl W., Access Tucson, EMI Music, Tucson Tilly, Casa De Los Ninos, Congressman Ron Barber, Rainbow Marriage, Office Max, Kathy G., Larry Moore, Ivory Johnson, Spain S., Mrs. Loretta Wilson Foundation,The Conway Estate, Samantha Gardner, Steve Quintanilla, DJ Raynman, Briones Estate, Lucinda Holiday, Mary C., Victor Mendivil, Professor 'A', Phil, Bobbi S., Dinah Frost, Madera Designs, Luis  Castaneda, Christina De Alexis, Jessie C., Scott Blades, TIHAN, David Zinke, Alex Lopez, Dr. Johnny, Paco Valez, Puertas Abiertas, Tucson Observer, Christian Talero, William 'Billy' Cronce, Louis Carlos Greer, Critt Crimson, Dora, Carla Maldenado, Abraham Solvink, Central Desert Historical Trust, The Dr. Steven Dunaway Foundation, Phoenix Gay Historical Society, Marty 'Martin' Valerian, Jonathan W., Mickey Gillis, Dee Salazar, Mich Edgeworth, Marty, Derek Rowland, Dave 'Davey' Miller, Danielle 'Dani' Rowland, Conner 'Slinky' Bolen, Joseph Manzanedo, Lupita Miller, Cameron Johnson, Anna Miller, Mia Techau, Michelle 'Brianna' Miller, Juan Malaga, Les Gramble, Dottie Anderson, Mrs. B. Sanders, Alvaro Kramkowski, The Everson Estate, Kyle Franks, Ivory Bagdasarian, Dan Markil, Christina Rossetti, Dan Weiss, Cynthia Jamieson, Tucson Museum And Library, Catherine Omdahl, Jessie Ramirez Collection, Marana Martha, Williams Archives, Heather, Todd Owens, David Walters Archives, Tucson In Photos, John Barnes, countless others who wished to remain anonymous, and literally hundreds of others both past and present who have made this historical preservation and perpetual all virtual museum effort possible. 

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