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1983 - 1984





Attitude gay publication Page 1 Copyrighted Exhibit Photo



 operated as a Phoenix Arizona

based Gay owned news

and advertising publication

for a few months between 1983 - 1984 with operations in and a readership following primarily in Phoenix and Tucson.


The publications owners publicly voiced the often intense fierce competion and "vicious rumors aimed at putting us under by the competition" by

The Western Express publication. 


Attitude gay publication copyrighted photo exhibit


The publications rights

and additional archives were

donated by the last living


who assisted greatly helping

to complete and preserve

this collection.


Bang Publications[1]

Winged Graphics[2],

Robert 'Bob' Ellis [3

Gary Clark [4] along with

 the publications staff [5]

also assisted greatly in

making these archiving

 efforts possible.



The first issue seen here

is one of its entire run

now in the archives.


Over time all issues will be

made virtually available. 



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