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It's   Traditional   LGBTQ+   Pride   Month    ......    June  6th   Remembering   Richard    Heakin   Tucson    Gay   Hate   Crime   Murder   Victim   ......    June   6th   Remembering   Michael   Despain   Phoenix   Gay   Hate   Crime   Murder   Victim   ......    June   12th   Remembering   Philip   Walsted    Tucson    Gay   Hate   Crime   Murder   Victim  ......   June   15th   Remembering   Gary   Clark   Tucson   Artist   &   LGBTQ+  Activist     ......  Never   Forget   Those   Who  Came   Before   Us   ......   PRIDE   2021    

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The Arizona LGBTQIA+ Museum


Arizona LGBTQIA+ Archives

are not for profit historical preservation organization efforts continuing

since 1967 [1] whose mission is

to preserve Arizona's LGBTQIA+ history [2]


It does this through four regional archives collections


Each regional archives collection has representative

LGBTQIA+ historical archives collections

of their respective and surrounding areas


The statewide archives collections are as follows:

Southern Arizona Region of Tucson, Arizona

Tucson LGBTQIA+ Museum®© Collection [1]


Central Arizona Region of Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix LGBTQIA+ Museum®© Collection [2]


Northern Arizona Region of Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff LGBTQIA+ Museum®© Collection [3]


Rio Colorado Region of Yuma, Arizona

Yuma LGBTQIA+ Museum®© Collection [4]


Founded June 10, 1967

As The Tucson Gay Museum



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Arizona LGBTQIA+ Museum®©

Welcomes Your Digitized And Original  Gay Lesbian LGBTQIA+ Historical Items

Mail/Ship Your LGBTQIA+ Historical Items & Collections
Along With Your Return Address For Postage Reimbursement To:

Arizona LGBTQIA+ Archives
Security Screening Center
STE 101, UNIT 5161
Tucson Arizona 85703

All Items Pass Through Federally Monitored Security Screening Inspection Processes

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Arizona LGBTQIA+ Museum®©
Arizona LGBTQIA+ Archives®©

Arizona LGBTQIA+
Preserving The History
Since 1967

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Preserving Arizona's LGBTQIA+ History Since 1967


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