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Tucson Gay Museum®©  - Tucson Gay Coalition 1976 - 1979 Collection©

Tucson Gay Museum  Tucson Gay Coalition Collection

The Tucson Gay Coalition formed in response to the brutal Monday June 6, 1976 beating resulting in the murder of the visiting tourist Richard "Dickie" J. Heakin Jr. on his last day of visiting Tucson while on his vacation.

Thirteen (13) high school students who had been out cruising-drinking-drugging-looking for a fight on the infamous Speedway Boulevard all night later waited across the street at the Stonewall Tavern Inn on 1st Avenue in Tucson Arizona and attacked Mr. Heakin with metal pipes and other items after Richard left the establishment as he stepped into the dirt parking lot.

One of the attackers, a martial arts buff, repeatedly "Karate Kicked" Mr. Heakin in the back and front of his neck after he had fallen to the ground until he was dead.

1976 Tucson Gay Coalition
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue #3
1976 Tucson Gay Coalition
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue
1976 Tucson Gay Coalition
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue
1976 Tucson Gay Coalition
Newsletter Volume 1, Issue #6

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This Museum is dedicated to all those of the Tucson Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Community that have come before, are here now, and will take our places in the future of Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.